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business funding

Trade Finance

Bridge the gap between supplier

invoices and customer payments

Pay suppliers upfront

Pay deposits and pre-shipment charges

Extend your credit terms

Invoice Finance

Get paid cash upfront for work

you've done or goods you've sold

Ease cash flow issues

Helps you manage slow paying customers

Use your own funds elsewhere within your business

Term Loans

Flexible cash loans straight into 

your business bank account

Buy new stock

Invest in growth plans

Boost cash flow

What business funding products are available?

R&D Tax Credits

Get cash advances for R&D using

your HMRC credits as security

Pre-fund your tax credits for your R&D tax gap

Receive the funds a year in advance

Help boost liquidity

Asset Finance

Fund assets for your business including equipment, vehicles and machinery

Upgrade your business assets to the latest technology

Lease or purchase equipment

Easier to obtain than traditional bank loans

Start Up Loans & Grants

Cash designed to help brand

new businesses to scale

Focus cash on growing your business

Expand your network and supplier base

Fund new projects

Business Funding Form Anchor
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