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How To Fund An Association In Wales And England?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

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Associations can take several different forms - sports, cultural, or humanitarian - but all have one thing in common: the vital need for funding. This is a real head-scratching conundrum anyone is faced with eventually.

Whether you are at the head of an association or part of the volunteer team, fundraising is a shared concern. Annual membership fees and public subsidies being any association’s primary go-to sources, in this article, we will be taking a closer look at other ways to get funding as well.

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Funding levers in Hampshire, England: private individuals

It should come as no surprise that fundraising with the help of people is atop the list, as it

remains one of the most reliable ways to go about raising money. In general, most

founding members make a collective financial contribution before turning to the public.

Every opportunity there is to actively engage people should be taken: cash contributions to

a common pot or appeals for donations either online or through outdoor promotion


Tax relief

In the UK, appealing to the generosity of a greater number of people is usually made

through the Gift Aid scheme, which allows charitable associations to reclaim tax on said


calculating tax

Association events in Berkshire (UK) to get funding

While it is nothing more but good old classic fundraising, making use of association events

can prove to be surprisingly profitable: do not underestimate nor overlook them. Each

event, structured essentially around bringing your project goals to the public’s attention, is

yet another opportunity to get your name out there and consequently seek funding for the

development of your operations.

Another interesting way to go about getting more exposure and potential funding: looking

further into organizing more entertainment-driven events or outings, that is, raffles,

dances, soirées, exhibits, trips even, and so forth. The more people you get to join your

event, the more likely you are to get your message across!

Garage sales and flea markets

Have you ever thought about setting up a garage sale or securing your spot at a flea market

to « fill up the coffers »? That too is a great way not only to liven up your neighborhood or

town but to gain further well-needed exposure for your association project.

flea market

Selling your merchandise

In the same fashion, why not kill two birds with one stone by showcasing and selling

articles that bear your project image? While it may not be feasible from the start, branding

is a smart and effective way to first get your work recommended through word of mouth

and later expand onto the internet.

Raising money for an association through crowdfunding in Surrey (England)

Most certainly one of the newest and most rewarding funding levers today, crowdfunding

gives you greater odds of successfully getting your project to gather the necessary funding.

The fact that the many dedicated platforms are dematerialized amplifies the potential

reach of your message and backers’ response to it. Furthermore, not only does it give you

the chance to freely display your intended plan of action but moreover the opportunity to

truly measure the viability of your association.

After reviewing the ins and outs of your association, remember to choose your platform

wisely, as you want to ensure maximum visibility and engagement, both of which depend

on the relevance of your cause and the direct common benefits that can be drawn from it.


Getting funded through corporate patronage in the UK

Most commonly used in culture and arts, patronage is a means of funding well worth

considering seriously when seeking to secure funding for an association. Some of you now

may perhaps be wondering what differentiates patronage from sponsorship. In short, while

sponsorship ties you more tightly to your contributor, who in return for financial support

expects of you that you promote their brand through advertising, patronage is normally

free of all compensation.

Fundraising via newsletter publishing in Wales and England

We bet you either had not seriously thought of it or did not think you could even do that,

but given that « the print media is entirely self-regulating in the United Kingdom and

operates free of any specific statutory rules », you are free, as an association, to print and

publish your magazine, newspaper, or newsletter. That too is a great way to keep your

public informed while generating supplementary revenue.

fundraising via newsletter

Obtaining EU funding after Brexit

Although proper guidance regarding public subsidies has not yet been clearly defined in

the wake of the Brexit transition period, since January 2021, the UK has been taking part

in the EU Peace Plus program, as a replacement for previous EU funding. While some

public subsidies are specifically targeted at associations and could therefore very well be

the next contributing source of funding for your specific cause or project, keep in mind that

said financial assistance aims specifically at encouraging emerging societal-change-driven


Through this article, we hope to have positively shown anyone in search of funding that

there are solutions available, many of which are nearly not as convoluted as you may have

thought originally. Now, should you need any more advice on this one particular kind of

funding, feel free to send a message! We, at Funding Routes, would be delighted to assist

you in finding the best possible funding solution for your project!

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