Best Side Hustles To Make Money From Your Home

Updated: Nov 19

Table of Contents

  1. Home-based trading

  2. Testing products and taking surveys

  3. Becoming a content writer

  4. Becoming a community manager

  5. Becoming a freelance translator

  6. Becoming a remote real estate agent

Do you wish to organize your life differently and start a side gig that you could undertake from the comfort of your own home? These days, there is nothing as good to take as a little extra cash to complement your wages. In an attempt to provide you with avenues to explore, here are 6 options well worth looking into!

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make money online side hustles

1. Home-based trading

To cut right down to the chase: online trading could very well generate from £400 to £1'500, roughly speaking. Your starting point is to subscribe to a low-commission and secure trading platform before you can proceed with the buying and selling of shares.

A trading site such as eToro, for example, where not only subscription is free of charge but where the cream of the crop can be emulated, is a rather reasonably safe platform to take your first steps and test the water.

2. Testing products and taking surveys

Product testing and paid surveys are ultimate additional revenue examples for anyone wanting to work from home. The idea is simple: once subscribed to these sites, you get to give feedback on selected products and answer targeted questions in exchange for payment.

Cumulating subscriptions betters your odds of multiplying your earnings, which is why we are listing 3 platforms each as reference:

+ For product testing :

  • UserTesting

  • BzzAgent

  • Toluna

+ For surveys :

  • Prolific

  • Branded Surveys

  • Panelbase

3. Becoming a content writer

Perhaps you once aspired to be a journalist but were put off by the lack of opportunities in the field? Once chasing after info, people nowadays are overflown by the news through the Internet. Here is an alternative for you to work your way up to £50 per 1'500 words of written content.

Be prepared to meet the expected qualities for the position, however:

  • Highest spelling standard.

  • General knowledge, indispensable to write on a wide variety of subjects.

  • Sufficient discipline and independence to get things done on schedule.

  • Stress resilience to face large volumes of work.

businesswoman using laptop and creating content while taking tea

How to learn the skill?

There exist teaching platforms dedicated to SEO-focused training, but self-taught individuals can just as well put their name out there as freelancers. That being said, keep in mind that relevance is primordial, so try keeping abreast of recent news.

Those who have acquired solid enough experience can easily compile a portfolio of their work and upload it as a blog for greater reach and visibility.

4. Becoming a community manager

If social media is amongst your all-time favorite hobbies, why not kill two birds with one stone and monetize it? Stars and celebrities often turn to community managers to handle their online presence. Then, while you are at it, why not even manage somebody else's virtual image?

If £1'700 a month of extra revenue is enough of a motivation factor, going full freelance requires a propensity for independence, adaptation, and overall risk-taking. Anyone looking for a permanent contract is sure to throw in the towel within a few months.

How to look for work?

More than relevant training in e-reputation, community management, and digital strategizing, you will need a strong network, given that contacts are more often than not passed on by word of mouth.

Expected of you are the following:

  • Good redaction skills.

  • Creativity.

  • Content integration knowledge.

  • Good command of graphic software.

5. Becoming a freelance translator

Note that, at the very least, two languages are necessary for you to give translation work a shot. To better stand out, however, three languages are your safety net. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone. The Internet is the most liberal platform to date, and the offer never lacks, after all. Should you manage to market the right service at the right price, you could easily earn from £15 to £50 a page.

Although a thing, automatic translators are for now nowhere near being reliable enough. Offers abound for that kind of work. Seizing the occasion by being on the constant lookout for assignments is more than likely to get you some work.

Dedicated websites are available, and subscription is generally free.

become a freelance translator

Looking for clients

As stated above, documents awaiting translation are aplenty. As most belong to enterprises, there is nothing as convincing as a proper well-crafted portfolio to get contracts.

Anyone starting from scratch will tell you that the most difficult part is to get your foot in the door. Although the least entertaining part of all, scouring the Internet for ads is a necessary step to not only gather experience but get future employers to know you.

6. Becoming a remote real estate agent

become a remote real estate agent

Anything conducted with enough assiduity and determination very well can, in the long run, pay off more than thought possible at first. That can be said of the £1000 to £3000 one operating as a remote real estate agent can generate through added commissions taken on successful sales.

One great advantage offered by the Internet is that to run your own business remotely, and as opposed to a real-life agent, you only need:

  • A dedicated mobile phone.

  • A dedicated email address.

The trickiest of all is building your reputation, enough at least for property owners to entrust you with looking for potential clients. And what better way for you to enhance your business image than showcasing your work?

With you working from home, buyers too benefit from your services, which are expected to cost a fraction of what a live agent would charge.

With the world heading towards increasing digitalization, securing a decent quality of life will require a better understanding of the ins and outs of the ever-evolving actors in the labor market. Foresight and adaptability are your best assets, and we hope to have suggested ways for you to take full advantage of the Internet in this article to make extra money on the side.

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